Pacific Northwest Regional Group, Inc.

PNRG has experience in industrial products, manufacturing, industrial distribution, and original equipment manufacturing solution selling.

We know the customers, distributors, and competitors in our Northwest marketplace, providing us with unique territory knowledge. This has been obtained over time working with people in local markets. We are very knowledgeable of the principal products that we represent, the marketing territory that we cover, and the industry, distributors and OEMs that we serve.

The markets we serve in the Northwest are very diverse and we participate in all of them: Pulp and Paper, Agriculture, Mining, Food Processing, Lumber Production, High-Tech, Niche Manufacturing, General MRO Industry and Engineering Markets. We have strong relationships with the distributors, OEMs, end users and “who’s who” in this region of the United States. The manufacturers that we represent complement each other with synergistic products. Most of our customers utilize many or all of the products that we represent.

We are proud members of PTRA, the
Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association


Our Code of Ethics

As a manufacturer’s representative firm specializing in motion control, mechanical and electrical power transmission products, we strive to support the manufacturer as well as the distributor and the customer.

Therefore, we believe it to be our responsibility to:

  • Hold our business in high esteem and strive to maintain its prestige
  • Keep the needs of our distributors always uppermost
  • Respect our distributors’ confidence and hold in trust personal information
  • Render continuous service to our distributors, customers, and manufacturers
  • Employ every proper and legitimate means to persuade our customers to use the proper equipment for the application, if known, and rigidly adhere to the highest standards of business and professional conduct concerning these recommendations
  • Present accurately, honestly, and completely every fact essential to our distributors’ and customers’ final decisions
  • Perfect our skills and add to our knowledge through continuous thought and study
  • Conduct our business on such a high plane that others emulate our example; to help raise the bar and standards of our vocation
  • Keep ourselves informed with respect to our manufacturers’ policies, rules, and regulations and observe them in both letter and spirit
  • Respect the prerogatives of, and cooperate with, others whose services are related to ours in meeting the needs of our distributors and customers

Our Mission Statement

To successfully help our principals increase their competitive advantage and market position by delivering professional representation of their service and product solutions through continuous development, enhancement and best available practices.

To ensure that our customers achieve their tactical and strategic business goals by providing knowledge, experience, technology and product solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and seamlessly maximizes their customers manufacturing and operational processes.